A New Strategy

edmodoThis week in technology, 5th graders will be signing up for an Edmodo account.  I used this social networking site with my 5th graders last year. They loved the social aspect, and I loved the convenience of using the site to post lessons, videos, and polls.  We will begin our “Digital Citizenship” unit next week with all the Intermediate students.  Giving the 5th graders access to a social networking site I can monitor helps me teach and demonstrate the concepts they are learning about being a good digital citizen and leaving a clean digital footprint.

Third and fourth graders will be taking another probe in Moodle.  I had some frustration last week in getting the students to listen and retain the steps they needed to take to get to the quiz.  I pondered most of the week how best to help these students learn the art of disciplining their mind to focus on instruction and hold those images in their memory until they get to the computer.   If you have any suggestions, I would love for you to leave a comment.  (I can use all the help I can get!)

Here is my idea: I will give each student a ticket when they enter the room.  I may give a ticket for each step they will need to follow.  I will explain that in order to keep their ticket, they must listen carefully and watch closely to each step.  When they go to their computer to access the site they need, or log in, I will help them with any of the instructions.  If they require my help in remembering what to do, they must give up a ticket.  At the end of the class period, each student will write his/her name on the ticket(s) for a drawing.  I will draw out one name. That student will have access to the iPad my district purchased for my use in technology.  The remaining tickets will be placed in a bucket. From the class bucket I will pull a ticket every six weeks.  That student will receive a racquetball.


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  1. I am currently using Moodle (required at my school) with 5th grade students, but would love your insights into Moodle vs. Edmodo. Would using both be redundant? If you had to pick one, which one would you choose?
    Thanks for a great post!

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