The Proof is in the Pudding

Some of my students and some entire classes have been taking their test in Moodle to get their web license. Those students who completed the quiz last week had the opportunity to see a digital content concept first hand, thanks to an email I received from Scott Floyd.  Scott sent me a link to a website a few weeks ago to help save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.  The site looks authentic. It even shows pictures and a video of the creature! The more we looked at the website, the more questionable it became.  We discussed the fact that just because something is stated as a fact on the internet, does not make it true.  After doing a search on Google for the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, we looked at the wikipedia definition. To complete the activity, students searched on Facts4Me to find an interesting fact about a favorite animal. Each student shared that fact on TodaysMeet. I asked students to make sure their fact was stated in a complete sentence with proper capitalization and punctuation.  I had Pam Cranford, our testing coordinator, and Karen Dickson, our principal, join us on the website from their offices so the students could gain a better understanding of the fact that ANYONE could be in the same “chatroom” with us if they had the url. It was a VERY exciting week! Students were totally engaged in the activity. They were correcting each other’s sentence structure and word usage in the “chat room.”

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to participate. Any time you need an outside participant, please think of me. I loved interacting with the students in McBride’s class.

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