Purpose Statement

tech teks wordle
The graphic displays a wordle of the TEKS for technology in grades 3 – 5.

My purpose for instruction in the computer lab has not changed since I began almost four years ago.  The method I will use to fulfill that purpose has changed drastically over the past month due to my exposure of the TCEA Conference in Austin in February of 2009 and my wonderful colleagues who attended with me.  My purpose has always been to meet the Technology TEKS.  My previous method was to use the online SRATechKnowledge curriculum.  It was interactive and aligned with the TEKS.  It was easy to assign and manage.  I was more or less a facilitator of student learning, but were the students really learning?  They were somewhat engaged and entertained by the characters of the lessons, but I wondered how much of what they were doing in the simulated programs was being retained.  Could they effectively use the programs the curriculum was aspiring to teach them?  I had some serious doubts.

I decided to change the method of instruction and use project-based learning where the students will complete projects using the software programs available:  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Paint, Microsoft Access.  We will learn about Web 2.0 tools by using Web 2.o tools.  I’ve turned the corner, and I am headed down an uncharted path for me.  I’m still pointed at the same destination, but the trip will be more exciting and much more memorable!  I intend to use this blog to lay out a map for anyone headed in the same direction.  You are welcomed to join me on the journey, and suggest a pitstop if you are so inclined.

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