December Plans

The fifth graders are still recording their geography terms using Photobooth and a green screen. The lighting of the green screen is rather tricky, but we are doing our best. There are 45 geography terms in all. Each group that comes to technology is responsible for recording nine terms, so it is taking more than one technology period to complete the project. I hope to get them all recorded before we leave for the Christmas break. When all the terms have been recorded, Mrs. McFall will have a great audio/visual glossary on her blog. An example is embedded below.

geography term-mov

The fourth graders will begin a writing project that will allow them to enter a contest for prizes. They will begin by practicing their writing skills with the website  Next week they will begin composing the answer to the question, “How does technology make the world a better place?” in 100 words or less. The contest rules can be found at

The third graders learned how to create a table in Pages to record data from measurements they will take this week.  They will measure their ear, foot, and height in centimeters and compare them to those of certain animals.  The animal measurements are found at This instructions for creating a table can be found by click on the picture below.

Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 7.39.08 PM

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